I’ll start with a quick introduction before jumping into the real content of this blog. My name is Michael, and I’m currently a graduate student in English linguistics at Arizona State University. I’m writing my master’s thesis this summer, and simultaneously applying to graduate programs in mathematics. Yes, the two are actually related; most of my research over the past four years has focused on the mathematics of various linguistic theories.

Mathematics and theoretical linguistics are also the twin themes of this blog. My plan is to write about pure mathematics (I’m particularly interested in algebra, graph theory, and foundations), linguistic theories (primarily syntax and semantics), and the connections between the two. For the most part, I expect I’ll be trying to explain the things that I’m actively studying. The best way I’ve found to figure out what I don’t yet understand is to try to explain it. Hopefully, the journey will be fun!

Copyright © 2008 Michael L. McCliment.


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